How Much Does It Cost To Build A Magento Website

Well Magento itself is very famous among E-commerce users. Also it has lots of developers available in all over the world. From them you can hire magento developer usa, India, uk. Now today in this blog we are going to cover topic is how much does it cost to build a magento website.  But before that we will go through why we choose magento over custom php ?

Why choose magento for ecommerce?

We have php developers also and we also do work in custom web development to create e-commerce website. So we know very well about both magento and core php. Now when person decide to get started e-commerce website then he thinks about lots of factor like budget, features, admin panel, design etc.. But in that all I think main point is budget. Because if you want to create one e-commerce website and now if we create it in magento then maybe it’s cost will be half of custom built e-commerce website. Also magento itself come with lots of themes, plugins and awesome admin panel. So because of this all reasons you can choose us as magento website Development Company to create your magento e-commerce store.

Now let’s discuss about magento website development cost:

First of all you need to get idea about that, there is not any fix price in magento website development. This all price which I will write below is just assumption and may change based on situation. Below I am giving few versions of magento development services.

Basic Magento Website Price:

If you are individual or if you are just starting new e-commerce website then you should go for this option. In this option you get all magento default features with front end and admin panel. You can take our magento theme development services to get installed theme. As this is basic version so you can purchase and theme and give us and we will get configured it for you. In this version there will be not included any kind of customization. This version of website will cost from $1500 – $15,000. But again this can be change based on your requirements.

Custom Magento Website Price:

If your business is already settled and you are getting good number of orders then you can choose this option. In this option you can get fully customized your magento store with all kind of features as you want. In this you can get custom magento theme as well as custom magento plugin. First of all we will install magento with all default features and then based on your requirements we will create theme and plugin from scratch with all magento coding standard. You can take magento development services usa to get build this kind of custom website. This version of website will cost from $7000 – $30,000. This price will depend totally based on your given requirements.

Magento enterprise cost:

This option is for that business owners who are very large and get revenues of $1, 00,000+. As this option gives you all features of magento. Other options also give it but as this is enterprise level so it give you lots of another benefits also. I think price of this kind of development is totally depending on requirements. We have very good experts in our magento team and you can surly hire dedicated magento programmers for this option.

Magento Developer Hourly Price:

Magento developers hourly rate is different based on many parts. Like if you want to hire certified magento experts then rate will be different, if you want to hire magento 2 developer then rate will be different, if you want to hire Indian magento experts then rate will be different. But it starts from $15 – $40.

In our team there are many experienced developers as well as they have done lots of magento customization work in theme as well as plugin. So you can get fully benefits of that our expertise in magento.